Portable Contacts gets a big boost

I’ve mentioned the Portable Contacts (PoCo) project a few times in the past — it’s the group that is trying to do for contact lists what OpenID is doing for identity, allowing you to use a single contact list across the Web.

That’s been growing steadily in recent months, with a lot of small players and several mid-level ones picking up on it.  And as of yesterday, it’s gained another significant supporter: Google Contacts has begun to support PoCo.  This means that any PoCo-enabled app can now make use of contact lists from Google, if you give it permission to do so.

No, it’s not Facebook — if that ever happens, you’ll know that PoCo has well and truly won as a standard.  (Nor is it LJ, which matters most to a number of my readers here.)  But it’s a fine step in the right direction, moving from social-network “walled gardens” to a more open and consistent infrastructure…

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