Twitter as the new chain letter

I just got the following retweet:

Help @SesameWorkshop raise money to promote #HealthyKids! For every RT of this message, @SamsClub will donate $5! Thanks for your support!

Let’s assume that this is real (it seems plausible, anyway, given what I can find online).  And granted, it looks like a good cause, and very well-intentioned.

But would anybody care to place any bets on when this chain-tweet will ever end?  Newer social media, with one-click access to resharing, does look likely to make chain letter memes even more dangerous and ever-spreading than they have been historically.

Although it does seem like an interesting challenge.  What would be the perfect chain-tweet?  It would need to tug at heartstrings, look deeply plausible, have no obvious end goal or date, and still fit into 140 characters.  The above is quite good: can folks do better?

2 Responses to “Twitter as the new chain letter”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    It needs to tie into the most recent panic about harm to light-skinned children, although that would somewhat limit its longevity. Past examples, though, show that people will alter the chain-mail so that it seems more current since “the message needs to get out!”

  2. Alex Feinman Says:

    It’s important to make people feel like someone is being wronged, and that through just a little bit of click-through altruism they’ll be helping.

    If you want to go truly evil, you piggyback on a hot-button issue (abortion springs to mind)…

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