Mark “Justin” Waks

I’m Mark Waks, lead Editor of The Art of Conversation, better known as “Justin” to most of my friends.  (Long story, but suffice it to say it’s my usual online handle.)  I’m a lifelong programmer, one of those people who dove into the Net when it was still novel, and have been focused mainly on Social Tools since before the term existed.  In my dozen or so years of programming social tools, and my 20-some of using them, I’ve seen a lot of good (and bad) ideas float by; we’ll talk about many of them here.

I’m also the CEO and Architect of CommYou, a small startup that is trying to put these ideas into practice, by creating a really good place to have conversations. It’s very early days yet, but the system is slowly coming together. For the time being, it’s open to new users, so I’d love to have you come and play as we figure out what the next generation of conversation tools should look like. I’ll probably talk about CommYou a fair amount here — hopefully this won’t sound like an extended advertisement, but it is my passion right now, and closely related to the subject of this blog.

(Oh, and I habitually abuse both parentheses and ellipses.  My apologies about that in advance…)

3 Responses to “Mark “Justin” Waks”

  1. Charmaine Says:

    Good articles! Found your link via TechCrunch

  2. ellen Says:

    Is commyou still around? i do not seem to be able to find the site.

    • Justin Says:

      Sadly, no — I never had a clear enough business plan, and shut the company down when Google Wave (which had an astonishingly similar UI) came along. I was pretty cross when Wave was killed off: while it had notable flaws, it was awfully useful.

      However, many of the ideas from CommYou will be gradually making their way into my current startup, Querki, which will be starting its private Alpha pretty soon. So eventually, expect to see much of this publicly available in a new context…

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